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Iga.yah - Nomad Artist


I am Iga Oliwiak 'Igayah' (formerly known as 'IgsonArt')- an artist from Poland born in 1993 - currently fulfilling my long awaited dream of traveling the world as a nomad. 

I have been working professionally as an illustrator/concept artist and art director in the entertainment industry (games, animation, books) for past 8 years focusing mostly on digital fantasy illustration and characters (with the most well known projects being Magic The Gathering, Loving Vincent movie, The Wagadu Chronicles game and covers for Stranger Comics). 

At the end of May 2023 I sold/donated most of the things I owned and moved out completely to start a new adventure as a nomad. And as I travel, I have been committed more to traditional plein air painting, especially spontaneous gouache landscape sketches - creating a ‘visual diary’ of all the places I visit - which I have already started back in 2014 and continuing until this day. But apart from that, I have also been finding photography, video shooting and modeling as other forms of artistic expressions that I enjoy a lot.


Nature and world's cultures are subjects that have always been the biggest inspiration to me and with traveling I can experience their most beautiful and different forms and not only create artworks based on my experiences but also share them with others and hopefully inspire them too. Follow along as I share my adventures in a form of blog, (upcoming) YouTube videos and social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter).

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“There are so many places in the world I want to visit, so many things I want to experience, so many people I want to meet, that being bounded to one place or an office desk simply doesn't seem appealing to me and (at least for now) I'm trying to make my way to be able to live the nomad life"