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Welcome to my new page and blog

The fact that you landed on my website and you’re reading it now, already means so much to me, so thousands thank you for being here!

I’ve had this website for a couple of years now, but I used it solely for my art business purposes - to have a nice display of my artworks (portfolio) - which I haven’t updated that often - I was rather using my social media like Instagram or Twitter for the frequent updates - and other biggest reason was to run my own online store. But to be honest - I didn’t feel like I’ve been using it’s full potential.

And as I really like to share different stuff with the world - what I create, what I know, what I like - I feel that many of the existing social media are quite limiting in a type of content you can post, but it is also hard to get back to the past content as it disappears in the void of so many posts that has been already published.

My first attempts at expanding my ways of sharing into a form of blog went into Patreon - a platform where you can support your favourite creators and receive some exclusive content from them. And at the time I was pretty active there - I was writing a lot of what was going on with me, sharing tutorials, process videos etc. And it was working fine, until I eventually fell down the burnout road and had to stop as the pressure of having to constantly produce new stuff monthly (since people were paying for it) was too big for me to handle - along with my daily job, online store and commissions on the side. And on the other hand - I felt that I put so much love and effort into these things, but they don’t really reach too many people (yes, those who pay the monthly subscription, but I felt that even many of those wouldn’t read the stuff I write or didn’t interact with it much or at all).

And here goes the idea of creating a blog on my website which would be available for everyone - at no cost, at any point in time - writing about the things that I want to share with everyone and that I can always refer back to, whenever needed.

And I believe the blog is a first step to follow soon(-er or later, hopefully sooner!) with the YT videos (I’ve already had my YT channel for so many years, but I posted there pretty much time-lapses of my paintings only, but not really any videos where I would share more of insights of the process or my stories. But that is in the plans as well and as I write it, I am actively working towards it, dedicating the time to establish my own independent business 😌

So! What are the plans for content here (as well us upcoming videos)? I have soooo many ideas for the topics, like sharing:

  • my travel experiences (painting in various places, local recommendations, advice on solo traveling, nomad lifestyle, art events)

  • Insights to my working process, inspirations

  • Mental health topics and and ideas towards more happy, fullfiling life (f.e. overcoming burnout, mindfulness)

  • Some art career/freelancing advice

  • My previous working experience

  • Fashion/style/tattoos

As you can see, those are not only art-related topics. Art plays a very huge role in my life, but I don’t want to limit myself only to that. I am interested in so many things which all make up for who I am, as a person but as an artist as well - therefore I think it would be interesting to share all of those perspectives with you.

Please feel free to let me know in the comments (yes, I’m gonna have those here too!) which of those topics (or perhaps any others that come to your mind) would be of most interest for you :)

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Maria Heś
Maria Heś
11 Ara 2023


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