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Commissions are currently closed!

Unfortunately I am not available to take any new work at the moment, but I do have plans to re-open the commissions as an art studio working together with various artists. If you want to be notified whenever that happens, please leave your email below:


We will keep in touch, thank you!

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  • What kind of work can I commission from you?
    I paint mostly fantasy and African-inspired digital illustration and characters (including DnD) and this is what I would be most happy to work on. I do not paint regular family portraits, babies, wedding photographs etc. however I can sometimes paint some of those in an illustrated fantasy style. Apart from these, I can also work on traditional landscapes painting. To see the commissioned work I've done so far, visit Commissions Gallery.
  • What is the process of commissioning a piece?
    Here is the process of a digital illustration/character work. For traditional landscape sketches, there are no feedback rounds during the process. Please fill out the commission form ( it will be available when commission status is open) about the basic information about what you would like to commission. Based on that, I will then decide if that is something I am available to do. Now we are in direct contant to discuss the details, conditions, copyrights, time frame and the final price. Before I start working, I ask for the upfront payment: - 33% of the price if it’s an illustration - 50% if it’s a character design commission - 100% for commissionsbelow 400€ It’s fully returnable if for any reason I couldn’t start/finish the commission. If the deadline is very short, I might ask for the whole sum upfront, regardless the amount, to avoid waiting times for transfers. You can also decide to pay whole sum upfront if you prefer. After receiving the first payment, I start working on sketches and send the progress. There are possible maximum up to 2 iterations at every feedback stage. After receiving feedback/approval, I continue with rough base colors and send for feedback again. No major changes (in a sketch) should be made at this point. If it’s an illustration, second 1/3 of the amount should be transfered. After getting an approval, I will work on render and details until the work is done. If requested, I can send the progress shots. No major changes (in sketch or colors) should be made at this point, yet if we both agree on something that will sagnificantly improve the work, it is possible. After I’m done, I send a low resolution image for an approval and wait for the rest of the payment to be transfered. This step is skipped if you chose to pay whole sum upfront. After receiving the full payment, I send the following files: - Full size TIFF/PDF image for self printing in CMYK format (brightened 10-15% for better printing results) - 1080width .PNG file for web screening/social media posting in sRGB format - full resolution .JPG file in sRGB -1920x1080 HD wallpaper (if the format allows)
  • What are your rates?
    Price depends a lot on the individual piece - amount of characters, subjects,complexity, background, similarity etc. so it might be from 200€ for a single portrait as well as 2000€ and more for a larger group piece. I will be sending more information about the actual pricing along with the notification about the status (type your e-mail on the top of the page if you wish to by notified).
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